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by Publicity Stunt

First Crush 02:19
(v1) What is t about you I can't get out of my head? What is it about you that keeps me awake in my bed? What drives me so mad is something I've never had What makes me so sad is thinking it might not happen.   (Chorus) You're always on my mind and now I can't sleep at night You're always in my head It feels like my First Crush again.   (v2) You drive me crazy in the best/worst way it's quite enslaving, but I don't want to get away My hands are tied, but I still want to hold you and even if I tried I couldn't stop wanting you.   (chorus)
Nosebleed 02:02
(v1) I'm just another silver medal you can put the pedal to the metal you expediate my broken heart I enjoy the ride because I lose before I start.   (v2) At best I'm tarnished silver at worst I'm nothing at all Do you mind slowing down? cause we're going full throttle into a wall.   (chorus) I'm the toy at the bottom of your chest blow off the dust and let's regress back to a time where we had such joy just another night with your last resort boy.   (v3) I know I shouldn't piss and moan but how many nights are spent by the phone? I can't help but be annoyed that I'm always your last resort boy   (chorus) (breakdown) (chorus)
It comes as no surprise that it means nothing to you It is at high appeal to be home with nothing to do.   (Chorus) Well the world is out there waiting you've got to create and not expect nothing will approach you you've gotta get in their face instead.   (v2) Well the world is constantly turning as you continue to sit and spin In ten years you will wonder where everybody went.   (chorus)   (bridge) I am a lonely bullet in the chamber I used to be a fully loaded gun but somewhere along the lines I was shot down now I wonder where my ambition has gone.
3:00am 02:10
(intro) I trusted my pencil in the dark to write the words coming from my heart but the words ran together and I forgot what I wanted to say.   (v1) I wish I wrote that letter wrong but you'll be married before long we said I love you and I said goodbye.   (chorus) I never had you but I lost you. I never knew you but I love you. It's 3 AM. and I can't sleep. Because I know.. You're gone.
His head is in the gutter and his only friend is in his hand. Thinks back to days of thunder and wonders what went wrong.   he's stuck in a rut of internet porn and smut cause minimum wage just can't afford those corner whores.   He left his ambitions in a jar that he lost 4 years ago. He was gonna go far but he started out a little slow.   He's down in the basement looking for a replacement for his trashy life of anger and resent.   Left his lover in a car with a bullet in her head. Pushed it in the lake and has been on the run ever since. He said "I can't believe you felt sorry for me you judged me before you ever heard my story".
Hypocrite 02:07
I don't wanna see your face or hear your voice around this place again your voice is the sound of a bullet piercing someones head You're a semen stain that won't come out of your mothers sheets so slit your wrist and shave your head and call yourself a marine.   (chorus) I don't see a place in my life for you anymore you became what you set out to destroy. you can call yourself a man till your voice gets sore but inside you're just a little girl who wants to be a HEY.   (v2) Don't wana smell your breath or hear your voice within the air I breathe don't wana hear what I should do or what I should believe. The knife you hide behind is the knife that stabs you in the back and the life you claim to have is the life that you lack.
(v1) 365 days of pure insanity. Where did it all go? Wouldn't you like to know? Should I tell you all of the places I'd rather be? Anywhere but here, all I can keep thinking is Maybe Next Year.   (v2) Another night of fights and pointless attempts at remedy. Crying the night away, when you don't listen to a word I say. Why should I tell you all of the things you wanna hear? You never did for me my dear maybe tomorrow, maybe today   (chorus) Maybe Next Year, Maybe things will get better maybe thoughts won't keep me up till 3 AM Maybe Next Year, maybe days will get shorter maybe you'll be there to give a damn Maybe Next Year.   (v3) We let go of the wheel and we crashed into the Earth. I just want to hear those 3 words, is that so absurd? The things you say are what I want and what I fear I said "take me here", all you could keep saying was   (chorus) (post-chorus) Maybe things won't be so bad. Maybe Next Year, there'll be no turning back.   (bridge) What if it doesn't go away? What if it doesn't go away? What if HE doesn't go away? What if he doesn't go away?   Maybe Next Year Maybe things'll get better maybe he will finally go away maybe next year.
(v1) So I've been told that I should never change. But then I'm told that I am ridiculous and strange.   (prechorus) my mind is quite like a Half Way Written song Verse, chorus, verse and then the solo goes all wrong.   (chorus) I am a catalogue of long lost parodies. I am an atom bomb of doubt and uncertainty. I am locked out of where common sense is the key. I am the definition of instability.   (v2) So I was frowned upon for for having a mind of my own. So I was thrown in a ward that felt so much like home   (prechorus) (chorus) (solo) (breakdown/chorus) (prechorus) (chorus)
(v1) I wasn't worth the money, I wasn't worth the love I give I wasn't worth security, I wasn't worth the gifts I gave to you I wasn't worth our dream home, I wasn't worth the car I wasn't worth the promises to never break your heart. So let me ask you, what was I worth to you?   (v2) I wasn't worth the chemistry, I wasn't worth my kiss I wasn't worth breakfast in bed when you were sick. I wasn't worth a phone call, I wasn't worth the real good sex I wasn't even being missed, now I'm not even worth a text now let me tell you, what you mean to me.   (v3) Everything. You were Everything. You were my whole world. you were my best girl. You made me smile. you made me think I was so sure that I finally found the girl for me.   (v4) I wasn't worth the future. I wasn't worth the time. I wasn't worth the loyalty, no I wasn't worth a try but you were Everything. You were Everything you're still Everything you were Everything.
(chorus) Maybe Next Year Maybe Memphis but Dover doesn't look so bad. Maybe I'm bored. Maybe I miss you But would leaving really be so bad? (v1) I never meant to hurt you it just always ends (up) this way we all say things we don't mean to i just wish I never ran away   (v2) But in the end, I'm always with you You never had to ask me to stay We know something that they don't go through In my head, I'm 3,000 miles away.  You know a postcard would be nice? I thought you might have cared.  I wanted to tell you that I loved you I did once, but since I've never dared.   (chorus)   (v3) I haven't seen you in so long what's been good? What's gone wrong? How's your boyfriend? How's your dad? You know I didn't mean to make him mad.   (v4) You know I wrote another song? The last one felt all wrong. This one's about you, too. And the stupid shit we used to do.   (bridge) It feels like forever since those texts at 3am saying that you can't sleep again.   (chorus)   I haven't seen you in so long. What's been good? What's gone wrong? How's your husband? How's your dad? You know I didn't mean to make him mad.   (v4)   (bridge extended) It feels like forever since those texts at 3am. Saying you can't sleep again.   I forget about some as time moves on most are there and then they're gone. but you'll always be there at 3am I always have somewhere to go   - Whoas-     (Chorus) (outro) x You've been there through it all. x You've been there for it all. x I don't know what I mean to you. x But I can't explain what you mean to me.  
(intro) It's the new year. It's the new year. It's the new year and he has finally gone away. And so have you.   (v1) And I've never been happier to be left the fuck alone cause I'm doing so much better now that you're gone I thought you were the girl for me, I thought you were my First Crush but all you ever turned out to be was a fire-breathing succubus.   (v2) When you found out I was alive, I bet that took you for a spin turns out I can live without you and your sick dose of heroin you came to spit on my grave, but instead I spit in your face I moved on with my life and you stayed in the same place   (prechorus) and I know how much you hate it that you're gone and I still made it would you like to know my secret? I bet you never would believe it.   (chorus) You're Not Beautiful anymore. You're Not Beautiful anymore. You're Not Beautiful anymore. You're not Beautiful anymore.   (v3) I gave you my affection, and you gave me a disease you tried to break me for good but I held onto every piece. You should've killed me when you had the chance but you went about all this all wrong. Now I grin at you because I know what you'll be missing out on.
Succubus 02:30
(v1)I feel much better now Now that she's walking out the door She was my "kind of" girl turns out she "kind of" was a chore I fell in love with her but never fell for any of her lies Cause it was obvious she was wearing a disguise. (v2)I feel so dangerous now Now that she's can't control my mind it's so outrageous how the world looks through your own eyes It's much more beautiful When ugly hearted people  don't fog up your sight and I feel victorious: I kissed a Succubus and survived. (Chorus)She made me sick, so I made her a fool I never told her what made me fall in love with her A quality personality nowhere to be found I may have said forever, but I never said you'd be around. (v3)I feel so lucky now Seeing the bullet that I've dodged


released August 11, 2013

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording (Bloomington, IN), July 8th-10th & August 11th, 2013.
Assistant Tracking Engineer: Max Mullen

Guitars & Vocals: Adam Lingenfelter
Drums & Additional Vocals: Mike Paniccia
Additional Vocals on 3am & 19 Candles: Connor Tomasko


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Publicity Stunt Michigan City, Indiana

North Coast Pop-Punk

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